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NanJing Seiko Leather Factory Co., ltd, Leader, a leading multi language website building marketing cloud services (SAAS) platform, the A shares of listing Corporation (focus technology under the elite team of R & D operations. Lead cloud platform for business users directly involved in the creation and operation of responsive marketing type enterprise website (mall), to achieve self search optimization (SEO), cross screen mobile marketing and multi language precision marketing.
Operator.Led by the focus of the Polytron Technologies Inc (Stock Code: operations. Focus Polytron Technologies Inc was established in January 9, 1996, is a leading integrated third party B2B e-commerce platform operators, focused on services in the global trade area, in helping China's small and medium enterprises to carry out international marketing, product promotion has over ten years of successful experience. After many years of sustained and rapid development, the focus of science and technology have strong capital, technology, talent accumulation and the operation of the market strength, and in 2009 successfully logged on the Shenzhen small and medium-sized enterprise version of IPOs. With the gradual deepening of China's e-commerce applications, as well as the gradual integration of information and industrialization, the focus of science and technology has been identified as the focus of the 2010 annual national planning and layout, and has gradually established a strong technical team and a set of specifications, perfect service system.